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Artwalker is an independent company making art house films for global audiences.

City Without Baseball

Scud’s first film co-direct with Lawrence Lau, in which the Hong Kong baseball delegation team bare their soul and body to unveil their love for the sport and the city. The extensive full frontal male nudity caused a storm in the ever conservative society.

- Film Critics China- Top 10 Chinese Movie of the year 2008

- HK Film Critics Society- Recommended Movie of the year 2008

Permanent Residence

Scud’s first in a trilogy exploring the limit of life, an impossible love between gay and straight, and glorifying masculine beauty. Shot in 6 countries including Israel, Japan and Australia, with the beautiful camera work of Herman Yau.

- 10th Chinese Film Media Awards- Best New Actor(Sean Li)

- 33rd Hong Kong International Film Festival- Official Selection

- 20th Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival- Official Selection(director’s cut)

- 10th Taipei Film Festival- Special reserved screening (director’s cut)

- 25th Torino GLBT Film Festival- Official Selection


Two young men fatefully fall in love, believing their love can bridge anything, even their difference in sexuality and drug addiction. Brilliantly acted by the drop dead gorgeous Byron Pang and Thomas Price, and with the poetic camerawork of Charlie Lam, this is yet Scud’s most acclaimed success in world cinemas.

- 60th Berlinale Panorama Competition- Official Selection

- 24th Teddy Award- Runner Up

- 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival- Closing Film

- 25th Torino GLBT Film Festival- Competition

- 46th Chicago International Fim Festival- Official Selection

- 12th Rio International Film Festival- Official Selection

- 30th Hawaii International Film Festival- Official Selection

- 30th Hong Kong Film Awards- Best New Actor Nomination (Byron Pang)

Love Actually…Sucks!

Another film written, produced and directed by Scud, cinematography by Herman Yau, music by Yu yat-yiu and edited by William Chang suk-ping. The story was inspired by real-life events about love that has gone wrong: a brother and sister in love caught by the mother, a married painter falls for his young life drawing model of same sex, an intimacy between a dance school teacher and his wealthy but senior student, a lesbian couple of which one has role-play paranoid, a dreadful love triangle ending with the girl being beheaded…

- 47thChicago International Film Festival- Official Selection

- Philadelphia Q-Fest 2011- Official Selection


This is the fifth film of Scud, cinematography by Charlie Lam and music by Yu yat-yiu. The story is about a young psychiatrist ventures into a lone voyage to fight his depression. On the sea he records stories of people departed from this world prematurely, while what awaits him on the shore is the ultimate irony of life. “Voyage” is for those who rather believe there being no end to the voyage of life, and is dedicated to the people who have departed but have never left our hearts.

The film was shot in different countries including Inner Mongolia, Australia, Australia, Malaysia, Germany, Netherlands and Hong Kong.

- 49thChicago International Film Festival- Official Selection

- 49thChicago International Film Festival- Q Hugo Artistic Achievement Award

- 37thSao Paulo International Film Festival


Sixth film of Scud, in Post- Production stage.

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